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Laundry-care product manufacturers are not required to list all of the laundry detergent ingredients on their packaging; and the ingredients that are listed may be vague and uninformative. For example, the word “fragrance” may refer to hundreds of different chemicals. Even options boasting to be “fragrance free” may include synthetic fragrances. This makes it next to impossible to keep track of the chemicals and toxic danger. Here are two (out of many) chemicals that had us throwing out our laundry products ASAP


1. Fragrance- fragrances are counted in the top five allergens and can trigger asthma attacks. They have also revealed that 75% of fragrances contain phthalates which have been linked to diabetes, obesity, and hormone disruption (affecting both development and fertility.) Even natural fragrances or “essential oils” in some detergents may be processed with harmful solvents because it is less expensive than distillation


2. SURFACTANTS - Naphthas, derived from synthetic crude oil, are used to dissolve grease and grime. Research has linked naphthas to damage of the mucus membranes and lungs as well as inflammation, asthma and even cancer.

Phenol- This chemical is absorbed rapidly by the skin and the toxin is spread quickly throughout the entire body damaging the central nervous system, blood vessels, heart and kidneys


So if you could use a laundry detergent for your family that is 100% plant based instead, would you do it? (Check out our stories for the ratings of some of the most common household detergents 😳) I consider Thieves products to be an INVESTMENT into the health and well being of my children and their boundless futures 💪🏻

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