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I’m not a very competitive person, but when it comes to sharing the truth about how AMAZING Thieves is, I can put up a fight 😂 Swipe right to see the results for yourself. And if that’s not enough, just google Lysol vs. Thieves to see the countless experiments that people have done to prove these results right! So now that we’ve established what’s the best for fighting germs, Thieves is what we use every single day on every single surface in our home. But especially when we’re sick! I keep these travel sprays in my bags for disinfecting surfaces on the go, but when our fam is sick I also bust these little bottles out to make sure every thing we touch gets sprayed down. Here are some things you’ll want to remember to spray often to keep the sickness at bay! (These are great to use in your offices too!)

- Door handles

- TV and gaming remotes

- Light switches

- Drawer knobs

- Appliance handles

- Faucets

- Phone and tablet screens

- Stools

- Trash can lids

- Lamp switches

- Basket handles


Anything you all touch on a regular basis! Thank God for the plants that created the disinfecting power of Thieves!

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