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The sore throat plague has taken over our house so Oak and I made some homemade cough drops for the adults in our home so that we don’t have to take any days off from playing! We tried them the other day, and I burnt the honey. Don’t burn the honey 😂😝 Here is what you’ll need to do!

Thieves Cough Drops

1 cup honey

Heat it slowly to 300 degrees. Stir continuously so it doesn't boil over.

Once it reaches 300 degrees, take off the heat and keep stirring. It will begin to thicken and then You can add:

10 drops Thieves

4 drops lemon

4 drops peppermint

Keep stirring and then drop onto parchment paper or into molds (I used a small coffee bean silicone mold). And let them cool.

Wrap them individually in parchment paper (if you want to) and store them in the freezer!

These are not like store bought cough drops - they don’t stay hard like a candy. They actually melt in your mouth which is even better because the honey coats your throat better that way! 🙌🏻 Let me know if you try them out! .

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