There is scientific research that links oils and the release of negative emotions. It sheds so much light on how our emotions affect us and how oils can help.

Everyone has some level of emotional toxicity that has built up over their life through traumas, both big and small.

For our purposes, trauma can be defined as “any situation where you got less than you needed and were not equipped to process it.” These traumas actually get stored deep within our cellular memory.

The limbic system of the brain is primarily responsible for our emotional life and also controls functions including adrenaline flow, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and olfaction.

Our olfactory (smell) sense is almost directly connected to the limbic system, meaning simply inhaling essential oils can have an immediate and profound effect.

A New York University study found the only way to release fear from the amygdala (part of the limbic system) is through smell.

Using the scientifically formulated Release oil can help release feelings of:



Being held back

It can also help promote feelings of:




My husband and I use this oil every day, especially before bed to help us sleep!

Ways To Use:

Diffuse undiluted oil throughout the day.

Apply topically to wrists, edge of ears and feet.

For more in depth information on oils and emotions, check out this insightful blog post from Lindsay Elmore! https://lindseyelmore.com/using-essential-oils-to-support-your-emotions-this-christmas/

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