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This post is TMI so.... read on 😂 Do you ever need help 💩ing? Say, after having a baby, after a major surgery, or after binge eating junk food for the Holidays? In addition to that, do you have a kiddo who has a difficult time with regular bowel movements and was prescribed a laxative by a doctor? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Something about giving my toddler double the normal dose for triple the amount of time as what the label deemed as safe just didn’t sit right with me, so I’m going to tell you what we did instead. Spoiler alert: fast forward three months (now) and she is more regular than ever and complaints of tummy pains are gone!


Wolfberry (what our beloved Ningxia Red is made with) has long been used in the treatment of atrophic gastritis, a weakening of digestion caused by reduced stomach cell activity. Wolfberry itself is easily digested, especially when taken in its highly bio-available juice form in NingXia Red. All you need is 2 oz a day to help with a laundry list of issues that are going on inside of our bodies, digestion being one of them! Oak and I both drink one package once a day! She doesn’t like juice, so she sips on hers slowly throughout the day - but I’ll take it 🙌🏻


Digize - The most popular use of this impressive oil blend is as a stomach soother. With powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic compounds, this oil can settle the stomach, eliminate bloating and cramping, and regulate digestion. This can prevent symptoms of constipation, as well as poor nutrient uptake, and the anti-nausea reputation of this oil can help you keep your food down. Oak and I roll this oil clockwise around our belly button every single time we eat- because consistency with oils is KEY


Between lowering our sugar intake (especially through breads and other unsuspecting foods) and increasing our fiber intake (mostly by eliminating all sides during meals aside from fruits and veggies) no one in our home is ever in need of medications for regular digestion and never have to worry about negative side effects from the things we use to help us all 💩🙌🏻

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