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CLARITY: One of the oils we got for FREE this month (through Essential Rewards) that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on to make rollers for everyone in the house!


Clarity Oil is a blend of:

- Basil (fights mental fatigue)

- Cardamom (invigorating)

- Rosemary (mental clarity)

- Peppermint (alertness)

- Coriander (calming influence)

- Geranium (releases people-pleasing tendencies)

- Bergamot (lifts the spirits)

- Lemon (refreshment)

- Ylang Ylang (emotional balance)

- Jasmine (removes nervous exhaustion)

- Roman Chamomile (anger and anxiety release)

- Palmarosa (reduction of stress)


This blend is great for releasing emotional stress -- to help us see more clearly and move forward in growth and focus. In her book Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Dr. Carolyn Mein ties this to the feelings of creativity and the ability to change one’s perspective. Clarity helps to reconcile and integrate thoughts and emotions so they work together, rather than being divided or causing double-mindedness


How to use:

•Inhale straight from the bottle

•Add to your diffuser and use it near your desk, workspace, or even where the kids are doing schoolwork

•Apply above the ear on the side of your head (dilute with a carrier oil for kid skin) and then roll it right above the ears on both sides (into the hair a bit - about an inch or so back from the temples). This is the "Brain Integration" point.


With a lot of different emotions surfacing in our homes that may be separated from our thoughts, this is the oil to use in order to bring clarity and cohesion to thoughts and feelings. Use it on yourself and your kiddos and watch for those points of emotional release.

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