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Ningxia Red Kit

Tips On Getting Started

- Place your Ningxia products in the fridge 

- Put your roller top on your Stress Away oil and place it in your 

  purse or diaper bag for stress relief on the go! 

- Put your Thieves sanitizer and mints in your bag so you don't 

  forget to leave your house without your back ups! 


- Ningxia Red Gummies here

- Ningxia Red Popsicles here


Ningxia Punch: 

- 10 cups ginger ale

- 10 cups pineapple juice

- 10 cups cranberry juice 

- 1 cup Ningxia Red 

Dreamsicle Shot: 

- 1 oz Ningxia Red

- 1 drop Orange EO

- 1 drop Lime EO

- 1 drop Tangerine EO

- 1 drop Citrus Fresh EO

- 1 drop Lemon EO

Berry Mimosa Mocktail:

- Mix 1 oz. NingXia Red

- 1 oz. sparkling water

- Top off your champagne glass with Orange Juice

Sparkling NR Mocktail:

- Muddle a few berries in the bottom of a champagne glass

- Add sparkling water and 2 oz. of NingXia Red

Ningxia Red Sangria:

- Equal parts red wine and NingXia Red

- Top with sparkling water and your favorite fruit

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